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Not just cctv, but access control, intercoms, perimeter beams, intercoms and electric fence too.

The dictionary definition of  covert is existing or operating in a way so as to ensure complete concealment and confidentiality. Clandestine.

How do we define Covert Security? As a market leader in  the Supply, Installation and Maintenance of the Electronic Security devices, that you entrust your safety and lives  to.


Sales of video surveillance products to see exponential growth

With a predicted one billion CCTV surveillance cameras watching around the world in 2021, the term, ‘Big Brother is watching you’, has never been more prevalent. billion CCTV cameras

With the imminent shift , in the way security systems function. Especially in the South African market. Where we are experiencing the prevalent shift from the analogue to digital realm.

What benefit does this migration mean from a  consumers perspective though? In simple terms. The systems just got smarter.

Smartphone, Smart-TV and now Smart Security. From the push of a button, we can now monitor what’s important to us. Our homes, businesses and loved ones. From anywhere in the country, to anywhere in the world. Welcome to the Digital revolution. 

That is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of  functionality.  With viewing the cctv surveillance system from a remote device, being one of the most popular reasons to install a CCTV system. This is not what your surveillance system is limited to. Packed with the power of analytics, let us help you unlock your systems true potential. From POS (point of sale) integration, early warning perimeter systems, with the aid of thermal cams and PTZ’s to covert systems.

Let Covert Security design, supply or install a security system that’s both agreeable with budget and more importantly, serves  functionality.

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What services does Covert Security offer?

Covert Security offers the following services:

  • Analogue, HDTVI, HDCVI and IP CCTV systems Supply , Installation and Maintenance. Remote view connections setup and maintained. Control rooms setup and revamped.
  • Wireless Access Points  and Stations supplied, installed, configured and maintained.
  •  Access Control, from stand alone single doors , to sprawling multi WAN sites, Covert Security supplies, installs and maintains  various high quality brands of Access Control.
  •  Intercoms: Supply, Installation  and Maintenance.
  • Perimeter beams: Supply, Installation and Maintenance.
  • Electric Fence : Supply, Installation and Maintenance. EFCOC available on request

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